Track workout haiku

ran track this morning
medicating now with beer
and ibuprofen

5.2 mph up Hess (20+ mph headwind) (a haiku)

I don't know what's worse
this headwind or my current
Clydesdale training weight

here's my strava file

A mid-October cycling haiku

suburban parents
running suv engines
in the pickup line

Late afternoon post-rain run

saw a bright rainbow
reflected in a puddle
on the running path

A haiku while cycling

song stuck in my head
is "Rock me Amadeus"
please God make it stop

Tacos Rapidos

if only there were
Tacos Rapidos nearby
I would go there now


Georgia haiku

Ran in Dunnwoody
Serenaded by some frogs
Drank in oxygen

Another San Francisco haiku

tequila last night
poor nutrition this morning
make the hills less fun

A San Francisco haiku

hills and oxygen
eucalyptus scented air
in Golden Gate Park

Track haiku

new form of madness
track workouts at five thirty
finish before dawn


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