5.2 mph up Hess (20+ mph headwind) (a haiku)

I don't know what's worse
this headwind or my current
Clydesdale training weight

here's my strava file

A mid-October cycling haiku

suburban parents
running suv engines
in the pickup line

Smoke from forest fires out west

Today is the beginning of my last big week of training for the 2015 Ironman Wisconsin. I find that I'm torn between two competing sentiments:

Training ride on #IMMOO bike course


On my way back from my family's annual gathering in Michigan I dropped off kiddo #2 at Midway Airport for her flight home and headed up to Madison for a practice ride on the Ironman bike course. I had only seen it once before - on race day in 2013 - and I wanted some time out there before the race this year. On Friday night I missed sunset on the Terrace, arriving in Madison around 9:30 - and made an early night of it.

Saturday morning I hit my favorite breakfast dive in Madison to fuel up for my ride and by 9:15 I was on the road.

Another San Francisco haiku

tequila last night
poor nutrition this morning
make the hills less fun

Cuba journal - Uday's rough day

Friday night

Uday had a rough day today.

Uday Mehta is a radiologist from Chicago, and he's part of he USAT group. We all met this morning at Peter's bike shop where most of us were renting our bikes (Uday brought his own) and we headed out for a ride. Among our group were several Cuban boys, probably 12 - 14 years old, doing very well on their kind of ratchet old bikes.

A cycling haiku

Running near the path
a bunny with a death wish
nearly met my tire

A recovery haiku

Here's a haiku that came to me on Saturday on my first Hess / Happy Canyon / Bayou Gulch loop since my race:

funny how the trees
give no indication that
I have a headwind

OK, that was a workout

After staying up late last night watching the Tour (the stage on which they climbed the Alpe d'Huez - who can turn THAT off and go to bed? when there's a growler of Kolsch from Elk Mountain in the fridge and one has a belly full of Thai food) I got up later than I should have, cleaned my kitchen, made a good breakfast, Facebooked, updated Altitude Multisport Club's coaches page and finally got around to suiting up for my ride.

Was quarter to ten when I finally got started.

Four hours with some Z Team folks

Charo invited me to ride with a bunch of people, mostly Z Team people, at 7:00 this morning (it's Sunday). It was perfect weather - a bit cool when we first started and just starting to get hot by the time we were done about four hours later - and we rode out to Cherry Creek Reservoir to do some laps in a pack, rotating out of lead periodically.

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