Snow this morning!

I had been in the kitchen a full ten minutes, getting coffee and Alia's lunch going before I realized that there was snow on the ground. Just a bit - but snow! I called up to Alia (who said "I'm sorry!" thinking, I guess, that I was hollering at her for still being in bed) and she could hardly believe it either.

Track workout!

I haven't had a proper track workout since way back in May or June, before my tendonitis began bugging me. The update on that issue is that the Orange Roller from Hell has taken *care* of me - that and a bit of stretching and my tendons are good. I really want to load 'em up with some running miles this week and see how they handle it - would be good to run 20 miles. (I know what you're thinking: 20 miles isn't exactly loading anything up with miles. True, but I'm just getting back to it after dealing with a condition that kept me from running. . .)

Tired. Good, flat 45 mile ride this afternoon.

Felt like having a flat, Z3 ride today so I stayed on the bike paths and went down to the Cherry Creek area. Tons of commuters (late afternoon) and I found that my ego wanted to catch and pass the next guy, then the next guy. . . there went my Z3 workout.

In the end I had a great ride. My right knee is not so happy but not stopping me from training; right shoulder unhappy as always on that bike but with less than 50 miles the discomfort is manageable.

Super tired. Time for bed.

Hilly 40 miles

Well, my Garmin is back - and though I had it plugged in all night, when it was time to head out it was complaining of having a low battery.

Not such a big fan of the Garmin 210.

Four mile run, hard

It is an absolutely perfect day for a run today. Actually on the verge of being a bit warm. Seyore and I just got back from a four mile run on the bike path, and though my Garmin is not back yet (their tracking service says that it's due to be delivered today or tomorrow), I'd guess that I held a 9:30 pace the whole time, if not faster.

Right now, to me, 9:30 is a good pace.

Who knows? might have been 9:15.

Yom Kippur

Yes: Yom Kippur. Not going to services this year; I actually cannot remember a Yom Kippur when I didn't go to services, though I imagine I didn't go during college. But that's a topic for another context.

Hill repeats on Hess Road

Months from now I may regret working all day today, seeing as how it was such a perfect day to ride - but I feel that I am nearing completion of a pretty mind-stretching project and I didn't want to stop.

OK, that timer makes me panic a bit

Not sure why, with all the time that's left on it - but perhaps it's that every time I look at it there's less time left. Unsurprising, perhaps (and a metaphor for life?) but the good news is that I look at that timer when I'm about to record more training that I have done.

Deer Creek Canyon Road

Dear God am I tired.

Somehow it took me over five hours (fortunately I am without my Garmin, which the good people at UPS tell me has arrived at the Garmin facility in Olathe, Kansas, there to be replaced by a working one) but I rode out to Deer Creek Canyon Road, climbed it and rode back.

Finally rode my Elizabeth loop yesterday

I had wanted to get out by 11:00 - it was beautiful out, if a bit breezy - but I guess it was more like 11:50. Here's the loop:

Bike path South to the Pinery
Exit the Pinery onto Lincoln, heading South
Left on (the newly resurfaced) Bayou Gulch Road
Right at Flintwood to Highway 86
Left at the top of the hill at CR 13
Left at CR 158 (Hilltop Road)
Hilltop down into Parker
Left at Mainstreet
Hop back on the bike path to finish


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