Hans' loop, wearing summer gear

My iPhone tells me that it's 68 degrees in Parker right now at 4:00 pm after my ride. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be upper 60's or lower 70's, then reality starts in on Friday.

Took my bike out for its first ride since the good people at Adventure Cycle tuned it up for me. It's beautiful! Gleaming chain and gears, brand new cables and brake shoes/pads. Works like a charm.

I could definitely feel the fact that I'm still recovering from a cold - had no power at all. Was quite glad to just keep it easy and go for some miles.

Check it out:

New: Garmin 610

Finally. And my God are they expensive! But the (very) good people at Runners Roost took back the old 210 that I had and gave me full credit toward the 610, which I brought home yesterday, charged and ran with today.

And when I say "ran" - not such fast running. Really. 5.06 miles at an average 10:02 pace.

Let's try something:

Windy! but what a tailwind

They say that tomorrow the weather is going to change, and Thursday we may get some snow - so despite the sustained winds blowing this afternoon I went out on my bike. Winds WSW at 18 mph (per weather.com - but it felt a lot stronger than that) and I only had a little time before a call, so I headed up Hess Road straight into the wind. One gear away from granny gear! Took forever to get up but what an incredible tailwind on the way down.

Tummy flu yesterday; 6.5 miles this morning

Woke up some time before dawn yesterday morning and was urgently notified by my GI tract that I had something going on - drenched in sweat, then chilled for most of the day. I laid on my couch with four layers on (two of which had the word "Wisconsin" on them, it being a football Saturday) - and my Wisconsin fleece hat, wool socks and under my Wisconsin fleece blanket and could not get warm for the longest time.

Put the game on (38-13 Badgers over Minnesota at Camp Randall) at 10:00, fell asleep at halftime and finally got warm somewhere after halftime.

I know the weather won't be this nice forever, so. . .

Five miles yesterday with Seyore, five more today. I have taken to stopping and stretching about one mile into the run and again at the same place on the way back - stretching my calves, that is. I was thinking today that my right knee on the top of the knee is kind of talking to me, but on a scale of 1 to 7 (why not?) it's only about a 1 - my Achilles tendons (the spell checker wanted "Achilles" to be capitalized) are more like a 1.8, maybe 2.1.

Not bad but I'm paying attention to them. Makes me realize that I want to slowly increase my distances and stretch a lot.

Indian summer, part deux

Bought a new rear tire from Treads this afternoon, came home and put it on (in a hurry!) and headed out for

Indian summer!

It is unbelievably gorgeous out right now. Sixty-eight degrees out now and heading to 73 - and here I have a meeting scheduled at Kaladi's at 2:00 during prime cycling time today!

My brother Robert and his family came to visit this past weekend and based on how much I ate and the fact that in preparing for their arrival I didn't do any training on Friday I was sure that I would have back-slid weight-wise, but just now I stepped on the scale (after a 5 mile run with Seyore this morning) and I'm down to 188.9.

Am I getting in shape?

Just back from 4.76 miles with Seyore on the bike path - was 46 degrees and cloudy when we left but just about half way through, the clouds cleared and the sun made it MUCH warmer. It's 61 out now.

Absolutely perfect fall running weather

A bit warm, even. Went out at 2:30 this afternoon with Seyore the wonder dog - found that early on I was running a little higher in the HR than I wanted to, so I deliberately slowed down a bit (averaged 10:14 per mile for the whole run) to keep my heart rate in the mid-130's. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous day.

45 degrees colder than just three days ago

But I went for a run at the Badger halftime - I would tell you how long of a run it is my my flippin' Garmin is refusing to work! Not really a big fan of Garmin at this point.

But it was sprinkling light snow - hardly - and Seyore and I went for our first run on the Owl Path since June, I think (Alia and I found a rattlesnake on the bike path right around then and I have been wary of all the tall grass on our owl path - but with the cold and snow I figured we were safe today).


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