Trainer ride!

The big news is that yesterday I officially became a coaching client of Charo Egan. I have six months to get ready for my race now, so it's time to get serious.

I love having a coach. I love knowing that if I simply follow her plan, I will be ready for my race.

Right about January 10 and began a contract at a downtown web development shop. A great gig for me, though it took an hour to get there and another hour to get home. As you can imagine during that time my training just fell off the cliff.

Oh, so I have to *charge* my Garmin?

Seems like this site's theme is evolving into "my troubled relationship with Garmin and its various devices."

Went out for something like 11.5 miles yesterday, reached my finish and went to turn off my watch only to find that some time after starting, it had had its battery die.

I think that 11.5 miles may be farther than I should take Seyore. He seemed pretty beat last night. Didn't eat dinner, and at something like 7:00 he gave me that look that says "I don't know about you but I'm going to bed" and up he went.

Ten + miles at what seems like my best pace for that distance

Hard to know for sure, as I haven't been diligent about tracking things like this - but my handsome dog and I ran 10.28 miles today in one hour and thirty-eight minutes and change. If I were to keep that pace up for just 2.82 more miles, I would complete a half marathon in 2:05:20, about four and a half minutes faster than my PR for a half marathon.

Seems I don't have to run 6 days a week, right now

My fellow Akiba Schechter Jewish Day School alum Rachel Scheiner was somewhat aghast to hear recently that I had been running six times a week. Then last Monday I sat with Altitude Multisport Club Coach Charo Egan who gave me a "you must be crazy" look when I told her what I had been doing. "There are other ways to build your distance," she said.

Not sure what they are, though, but I'm accepting their permission to not run so often.

Another perfect day in Colorado

Felt so good out on the running path today. Often it's all I can do to plod along, but today I felt light on my feet and felt as though I had good form and everything. Went a little faster than usual (9:28 pace), which seems to be toward the top of Z3 for me.

Then a quick hour out on my bike - my legs were a little tired and tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous (mid to upper 60s), so I wanted to save something for tomorrow.

8.62 miles, upper 50's, sunny. . . perfect

After boring my dog and kids to tears yesterday while I worked all day on a project, I knew that today was going to be a good day for a run. Perfect weather out. Wore my blessed Wisconsin long-sleeve running shirt and my new Sauconys ("like buttah") and went for a nice, easy long run. Long for me, for now at least.

Still amazed at how many potty breaks Seyore can make on a run.

Solid day

With my older one signing her scholarship acceptance letter for college yesterday, I got little done. Ran my five miles with Seyore (in shorts, a t shirt and my running jacket - how is it that this year I think of 43 degrees as being shorts running weather? but this is Colorado, and the sun has been out, so Coloradans will understand that that means it can be shorts weather. . . unless the wind is blowing) but other than that I had a breakfast meeting, the scholarship shin-dig, Caroline's closing (she bought a house yesterday) and then dinner and drinks with my friend Trevor from DU.

Well, I guess last week was an "easy" week

Let's start with an easy run last Sunday, nothing at all on Monday (it was a scheduled rest day for me - really hard for me not to train on a rest day - and had I only known how the rest of the week was going to go I would have done something that day). . . a good, 6.7 mile run on Tuesday followed by four hours of walking through neighborhoods canvassing for the President. . .

Think it's the Benadryl?

I have been taking benadryl for the last week or so - still recovering from that chest cold. Maybe that has something to do with why I have been so flippin' tired.

Maybe it's my training. Maybe both.

Have been so tired lately

I have been so tired lately - I can really feel that I'm recovering from a cold. The other day (Wednesday?) when I went for a ride, it was all I could do to just log the miles. Have been getting super sleepy by 9:00 at night, not that I go to sleep then (I should try that and see what happens).


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