City View

Just back from a perfect ride on the City View loop with Don Rivkin.

Gorgeous day. Great ride. Time for lunch, then a NAP!

LOVE a day off from training

By the end of last week I was BEAT. My ride on Saturday was supposed to be a relatively easy three hours; I chose to make it harder by:

Rain in Colorado

It seems like we have one week every year of actual rain in Colorado - rain that doesn't stop after five minutes. This has been that week.

Ready for it to warm up areedy

I'm still cold, and it's four hours after I finished my ride.

Sure wished I had had another layer on today. Cold air; headwind home (but tailwind on the way out, thank you very much). That's one way to get me to train in my tuck: Insufficient insulation on a cold day. Makes me want to minimize my profile to the wind.

My swimming is getting strong

Sunday afternoon at Kaladi's (was out of coffee!). Woke up earlier than usual this morning (6:00 on a Sunday!) to make it to the Club swim on time.

When I began swimming again a couple of months ago I felt really out of swim shape and I lurked in lane 5 in the pool (1 fastest; 6 slowest) for a while. Last couple of swims I was in 4; last week in 4 it felt like I should have been in 3.

Wind? What wind?

When I head out for a ride I try to get a sense for the wind direction, and I use this information to decide which way I want to start out my ride.

My theory is that I'd rather go out into a headwind and have a tailwind home.

Thing is, the last few rides I've had have been pretty breezy - and the wind has consistently changed during my ride, giving me a headwind on the way home, too.

No 20 degree wind direction changes. A full flippin' 180 degrees. What the heck is that?

Garmin saga continues

Frequent readers of my training journal will know that my journey to Ironman Wisconsin has been defined by my continuing struggle with Garmin products.

Here's the latest: I have noticed that my heart rate monitor is only transmitting data intermittently to my watch - the result being not-so-accurate heart rate data. This past week, for example, I was running about a 9:45 pace and my watch thought that my heart rate was in the 90's.

Would be nice. Maybe that's Johnny's HR at a 9:45, but for me that should be more like 135 - 140 (sadly).

Gorgeous day for a ride

They said it was going to be around 70 today, and Charo scheduled an easy 2 hour ride for me. Fabulous. Went on this route at the end of the day - was just warm enough and had a great ride. I imagine that I'm developing a more even pedal stroke, though God only knows if that's true.

Thank you sir may I have another?

Charo gave me a rest day yesterday and had another one scheduled for me for tomorrow. By the end of the day yesterday I was starting to feel a little hyper (I remember this! this is what it feels like to be in training and to have a rest day) and this morning I asked her if I could run tomorrow instead of having a second rest day.

She's being careful not to burn me out or ramp up my training too fast but I really feel that I'm ok training more - I have just been a slacker lately or I'd be training more than I am now.

You can prick your finger. . .

On Monday I did a test to determine my heart rate zones. This test included blood samples and a treadmill - first time I had had one of these tests done with blood samples.

The treadmill seemed to be unaccustomed to someone of my mass and shut down repeatedly, so - thinking that it might have had something to do with needing more, "clean" power - we turned off the TV (just as SportsCenter was about to show the contenders for their "dunk of the year" and some old Michael Jordan dunks as well, for good measure) and the lights.


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