Five days, 18 hours. . .

That javascript countdown timer used to worry me. I remember feeling as though I had all the time in the world last fall after signing up for Wisconsin, then some seasoned coaches told me to take my off season as a off season, so I did. Started training in February? March? in earnest, and I remember thinking that as long as there were no leaves on the trees, summer was still pretty far away and I had tons of time to train.

But when the countdown timer said that I had less than 200 days to go, I got worried. Didn't even see it the day that it went to 99 days left.

I think I may be ready for this

Hard to imagine, but I think I'm ready to do an Ironman.

Over the weekend I rode just over 100 miles (two laps of the Alpe d'Hess / Happy Canyon / Pradera / Bayou Gulch loop, with a total of 4900+ feet of altitude gain) with a little 3 mile brick and the next day went for 15.5 miles, nice and easy. That's 118 miles out of the 140.6 they have scheduled for me in Madison, and most of that difference will come on the bike.

I think I can do it.


Yes, I have a hernia.

About three weeks ago I noticed something different. Doesn't hurt - it's not even uncomfortable at all. But today I saw my primary care physician and he confirmed that that's what it is. Treatment is surgery. I have an appointment on Monday morning at 9:00 with a surgeon.

However, my deductible is $5000 so I'm going to have it done in Mexico. Will certainly cost me less *and* I get some time in Mexico.

Shoulder still not right

But here's a haiku:

strong tailwind taught me
what it's like to be Joe Long
and ride really fast

Went to the reservoir this morning to see the Tuesday morning crew - Rebecca, Eric, Denise, Dee and Keira, who was there mostly to coach. At Keira's request we met at the swim beach rather than by the scuba area which is my preference - but fine, the swim beach was better for coaching.

OK, that was a workout

After staying up late last night watching the Tour (the stage on which they climbed the Alpe d'Huez - who can turn THAT off and go to bed? when there's a growler of Kolsch from Elk Mountain in the fridge and one has a belly full of Thai food) I got up later than I should have, cleaned my kitchen, made a good breakfast, Facebooked, updated Altitude Multisport Club's coaches page and finally got around to suiting up for my ride.

Was quarter to ten when I finally got started.

Prime training weeks

A haiku:

the heat of the day
rarifies my oxygen
two hours' run, real slow


It may have been last Sunday that Offspring #2 and I were at the community pool for a recreational dip. I was on my way to hop into the pool and right at the edge I slipped, believe it or not, and tumbled into the pool. Really lucky that I didn't hurt myself seriously - but my left ankle was really complaining and hasn't felt right since.

Charo tells me not to run on it yet. Maybe 20 minutes tomorrow just to see how it feels.

DrupalCamp 2013, Runners Roost Thursday run, Badger alumni gathering

It's late and I've had a good bit of beer tonight. Should go to bed.

I have the Star Trek movie from 2009 playing on my DVR; have been trying to catch up on some emails (and eating granola with raisins and yogurt! yum) before going to bed.

What a day.

Four hours with some Z Team folks

Charo invited me to ride with a bunch of people, mostly Z Team people, at 7:00 this morning (it's Sunday). It was perfect weather - a bit cool when we first started and just starting to get hot by the time we were done about four hours later - and we rode out to Cherry Creek Reservoir to do some laps in a pack, rotating out of lead periodically.

New bike

my new bike - Specialized Tarmac

It has been about 20 years since I bought a new bike for myself; have been riding an old Cannondale road bike with an experimental front head shock (yes, on a road bike). The handlebars are fixed to this odd head shock and have never been adjustable in any meaningful way; I have been joking for some time that if there is any kind of a fit going on for me on that bike it's by complete coincidence.


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