Another San Francisco haiku

tequila last night
poor nutrition this morning
make the hills less fun

A San Francisco haiku

hills and oxygen
eucalyptus scented air
in Golden Gate Park

Track haiku

new form of madness
track workouts at five thirty
finish before dawn

Cuba journal - last day

Remember that prayer I made about hoping not to have GI issues on this trip? My prayers were answered! ("No," said God.)

Some time around lunch yesterday I noticed that I was not feeling all that well. Thought it was just fatigue, and that a good afternoon nap would set me up for another night on the town - but no: I have diarrhea, if nothing else.

Cuba journal - Sunday

I woke up from a long, restful night of badly needed sleep about a half an hour ago. Went upstairs to check on my gear that has been hanging on the line from yesterday's SoakFest and to my surprise and delight it's all pretty much dry, backpack included.

Every time I woke up in the night I was aware of some scratchiness in my throat. I'll be surprised if I don't come down with a full-on cold; that was a lot of exposure to cold and rain yesterday.

I'm so proud of Jessica. Been thinking about that. I have no idea what it's like to be one of the Fast People.

Cuba journal - Uday's rough day

Friday night

Uday had a rough day today.

Uday Mehta is a radiologist from Chicago, and he's part of he USAT group. We all met this morning at Peter's bike shop where most of us were renting our bikes (Uday brought his own) and we headed out for a ride. Among our group were several Cuban boys, probably 12 - 14 years old, doing very well on their kind of ratchet old bikes.

Cuba journal - 2:00 am Friday morning

It's 2:00 local time, but I think that's only midnight Denver time.

What a day!

Last night I asked my host if he could find someone to take me for a tour of Havana, starting at around 10:00 and going for a couple of hours. I asked about breakfast and he said that breakfast would be here at the casa; he said 9:30 would give me plenty of time before my tour might start.

Cuba journal - Wednesday

About ready to go to bed after my first (partial) day in Cuba.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone's alarm in Mexico City (Ciudad Mexico) with a goal of leaving my hotel by 8:00 to make it to my 11:15 departure - mostly because Simon and his girlfriend were adamant about the need to leave early. Decided that I had had enough adventure last night on the metro with all of that luggage and asked the hotel to call me a cab; got an Uber driver who spoke less English than the Spanish that I speak, which isn't much. But we managed some conversation on the way to the airport.

Some physical therapy from Chris Furer

I met Chris Furer at the September Colorado NWTA; he was the body work coordinator for the weekend and did some work on me on Saturday afternoon. About two weeks ago he gave me some physical therapy exercises to do (these are sort of free-form notes I took during our call):

Aw hail!

Aw hail! Six inches deep on the bike path this morning

Serious weather in Colorado yesterday and the day before - tons of rain and big time hail.

Fortunately I was not out in any of the weather - today is clear and dry, so I biked to work this morning. Had to get off my bike and walk past this pile of hail on the path just west (north?) of Kennedy Golf Course.

Leaves are still on the trees, but last weekend I saw Orion in the sky. He's a winter constellation and I remember not wanting him to go away in 2013, as that meant that my race was getting closer.


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