Track workout haiku

ran track this morning
medicating now with beer
and ibuprofen

5.2 mph up Hess (20+ mph headwind) (a haiku)

I don't know what's worse
this headwind or my current
Clydesdale training weight

here's my strava file

A mid-October cycling haiku

suburban parents
running suv engines
in the pickup line

2015 Ironman Wisconsin race report

It's Monday night, about 23 hours after I finished my second Ironman.

Late afternoon post-rain run

saw a bright rainbow
reflected in a puddle
on the running path

Smoke from forest fires out west

Today is the beginning of my last big week of training for the 2015 Ironman Wisconsin. I find that I'm torn between two competing sentiments:

A haiku while cycling

song stuck in my head
is "Rock me Amadeus"
please God make it stop

Training ride on #IMMOO bike course


On my way back from my family's annual gathering in Michigan I dropped off kiddo #2 at Midway Airport for her flight home and headed up to Madison for a practice ride on the Ironman bike course. I had only seen it once before - on race day in 2013 - and I wanted some time out there before the race this year. On Friday night I missed sunset on the Terrace, arriving in Madison around 9:30 - and made an early night of it.

Saturday morning I hit my favorite breakfast dive in Madison to fuel up for my ride and by 9:15 I was on the road.

It's getting real

I went to Mexico as I do every year in early July. Had a great swim in Sayulita as my brother SUP'd nearby (I just don't like ocean swims when I'm alone) - we went past Playa de los Muertos, out to the point. Along the way someone came and nipped at the bottom of my foot, just to see what that big, slow white thing was. Not a bad swim, though it was hard to work with water as warm as it was. (I told Robert and Alexandra that NOTHING was cool down there - the furniture, the air, the pillow, the air from the fan, the water from the bubbler, the ocean... nothing. was. cool.)

It's full on summer time

It's a gorgeous Tuesday morning, a cool 70-ish degrees in the shade and a clear blue sky. High today is supposed to be in the 90's; I have a reasonably long ride (3 1/2 hours) scheduled and I'm going out as soon as I get videos from Ironman Cairns in production.

Meanwhile the nice cool part of the day is slipping by...


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